Top 4 Must-Have Amenities for Apartment Dwellers

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When it comes to finding downtown Knoxville apartments, we have our own wish lists of what we want to see in the apartment. Many people turn down units because they don’t have the amenities they want.

Here is a look at the top 4 must-have amenities for apartment dwellers.

Additional storage space

When it comes to renting a downtown Knoxville apartment, you know that there isn’t much space. Renters always think that the more storage space, the better. Depending on your budget and where you want to live, apartment dwellers are often forced to give up space in hopes of landing a great place in the hip downtown area. Many apartment dwellers want that extra cabinet in the bedroom or near the bathroom for linen products.


Parking is probably the main amenity people looking at downtown knoxville apartments want to see. Most people don’t always enjoy parking on the street, especially in a downtown area and would prefer underground or a parking lot designated for those staying in the apartment complex. While many people end up having to sacrifice and find parking on the street, it’s still on the top of their must-have amenities list.


Like with parking, security is on the top of many lists of amenities. The biggest concern people face is whether they feel safe where they live. Many people will spend extra money on rent to live in a gated area or an apartment complex that offers a security guard in the main lobby. Another option if there’s no security guard would be a locked gate that requires your key or a special remote to get into the parking lot of the apartment complex, which then takes you to your apartment.

A Balcony with a View

While the view isn’t important, some people want to have a balcony. This is an added bonus that would help sway a person to choose that apartment.  The size may or may not matter, but having a balcony is a highly requested amenity for apartment dwellers looking for a downtown Knoxville apartment.

People want different amenities when it comes to their apartment. Some are must-have things, while others are just incentives that they would like to see. These top 4-must-have amenities for apartment dwellers are often at the top of most lists for apartment hunters. Just remember, most of these amenities will come at a price so you may have to spend more than you would like.

How to Use Emergency Loans to Help Finance a New Home

Mortgages can be hard to land, especially in this housing market. And it’s because of the state of the economy. What is a prospective homeowner to do when credit isn’t good enough to strike a good bank loan for a mortgage. Rent a home? Not enough quality, really. So, what else is there?

Introducing the Concept of the Emergency Loan

Think of a fast cash loans from Plain Green Loans, for example. What’s it for? The best part about such a thing as an emergency loan is that a bad credit rating doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from obtaining one. Moreover, it’s a quick deal, in and out, no mess, no fuss.

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Typically, such loans are used for all sorts of emergencies — car accidents, unforeseen medical expenses, natural disasters causing destruction to a home. The fact is, though, that it can only be used for real financial emergencies. This is for immediate support and resolution of an unforseen problem that led to such a financial emergency.

The Housing Market Woes

Foreclosures are piling up left and right. Short sales are all over the place. Section 8 property is going up. Housing prices are going down. With all of these potential cash drains, it is possible that when you meet an unexpected problem, something that would easily translate to immediate expenses, you won’t have the emergency money with you. An unexpected trip to the hospital, or emergency repairs for your property could really take a toll on your budget.

The Main Benefit of a Loan From Plain Green Loans

These days, it’s the down payment that can present the downfall. Heck, why do you think they call it a “down” payment? But thanks to an emergency loan, that down payment can be what it was meant to be — A way to achieve small mortgage payments and get closer to paying it all out.

Chances are a good-quality home out there will require a very good down payment — $1,000, maybe more. Such an amount could eat away a large chunk of your budget, leaving you with nothing in case of emergencies. An emergency loan would be a good support when and if you ever figure in such a dire situation.

The Important Thing Is to Take Responsibility

It’s a quick fix — that’s for sure. But recognize that it is a loan and must be paid back. The good thing, though, is that having to pay back an emergency loan is a lot less of a headache than having to keep up on those mortgage payments.

So don’t stress. These types of loans are there for a reason. Make use of them.

How to Avoid Legal Conflict When Managing a Real Estate Firm

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When you have plans to manage a real estate firm, you want to have the freedom to focus on your job. The last thing you want to worry about is any sort of legal conflict. You can avoid legal conflict by taking proactive steps to minimize legal risks.

The Business Plan

The first item on your agenda should be setting up a business plan. While this is a fabulous way to set up a plan for business growth, it can also help you legally. After writing the plan, you will have a clear idea on what areas are vulnerable to legal conflict. For example, if your business plan includes hiring employees, you need to learn about employer laws and regulations so you can avoid lawsuits stemming out of ignorance. If your business plan includes marketing, you need to brush up on your knowledge of copyright law. For ideas on how to write a detailed business plan, you might want to look at the Business Plan Guides offered by the U. S. Small Business Administration.

Analyze Financing Options

Consult with a lawyer such as a California Business Litigation Attorney before you enter any sort of contract for financing. The lawyer can help you filter through options and warn you about potential problems. Using this information, you can make financial choices that help you avoid legal conflict.

Taxes and Licensing

Check into local, state and federal laws and regulations to determine what your responsibilities are when it comes to paying taxes and getting business licenses for yourself and for your employees. Knowledge is a powerful tool, and knowing and understanding your responsibilities is a huge step in avoiding legal conflict.

Educate Yourself Regarding Common Legal Complaints

Before people have a chance to complain about your business, find out what common complaints are and do all you can to make sure your business doesn’t fall under any of the categories. In an article entitled, “The ‘Top 10 Complaints’ Received by the Real Estate Commission” and posted on the North Carolina Real Estate Commission website, common complaints against real estate firms included: Misrepresentation, mishandling trust accounts, disputed earnest money deposits, drafting legal instruments, disputes of contract acceptance, loan fraud, conflict of interest, discrimination, records violations, and lack of communication.

Legal conflict isn’t fun for anyone involved. With a solid business plan and an understanding of the laws, you are well-equipped to avoid potential legal conflict.

Choosing the Best Lending Company for Your Short-term Borrowing Needs

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Emergency loans are specifically designed to help you attend to unexpected expenses that you can’t delay any further. At first, choosing from lending companies that offer this type of loan may seem overwhelming. But if you know a certain set of criteria that makes one lending company better from another, finding the best emergency loan won’t be as hard as it seems.


A reputable company that offers the best emergency loans can guarantee you with reasonable interest rates, convenient repayment plans and a hassle-free application process. Here are a few things that you should consider when choosing a company that meets the aforementioned criteria.


Find Companies that are in Good Standing


When looking for personal installment loans, avoiding scams should be your number one priority. To prevent yourself from losing money or falling victim to identity theft, you have to make sure that the company you choose is in good standing. Support all the information you have gathered about the company by checking out the reviews written by their previous customers.


Check Out Their Application Process


If you dread the thought of being seen in the office of a bank that issues short-term loans, you have to consider looking for companies that can process your loan application online. Most of these companies use advanced security systems,  so they can make sure that your personal information will remain confidential.


Once you’ve found a company that accepts requests for emergency loans online, you have to make sure that their application process is fast and simple. While some companies will only require you to fill out application forms, others might want you to fax bank records, pay stubs and other pertinent information. Stick to companies that offer fax-free loan applications if you don’t want to waste time in applying for a loan that you’re not really willing to finish.


Compare Interest Fees and Repayment Plans


Comparing interest fees and repayment plans is essential to find the best emergency loans in the industry. As with other kinds of loans, you will be charged interest fees that may vary from one lender to another. Once you have found the best loan rates available, you have to make sure that those companies offer convenient payment methods. This way, you won’t end up further behind than when you first applied for an emergency loan.


Looking for a reputable lending company might take a lot of time and patience, but the rewards of working with competent lenders will make everything seem worthwhile. Before applying for an installment loan, you should also keep in mind that this type of loan is only for urgent emergency expenses that might arise.

Now That You Are Ready to Buy, What Comes Next?

You have good or excellent credit, or maybe you qualify for federal programs to help you purchase a home, like HUD; you have saved a down payment, calculated your budget and know how much you can afford as a monthly mortgage payment. And you don’t even need paycheck advance anymore. Now what do you do?

You will want to find a real estate broker to help you find the right property and make the deal. Though some people think it will save money to try and manage this part alone, in many situations, particularly when dealing with federal home buying programs, a real estate broker is required to make the deal. A real estate broker can also help you determine a price range, find a property, a lender, broker the deal, and help your with everything until after the closing. Real estate brokers can save you time, energy, and stress throughout the home buying process. Though a broker cannot tell you exactly what to bid for a property they can advise you and make suggestions, but ultimately you have to make the final decision.

One step that can speed up the process is to get prequalified with a lender. If a property owner gets two equal bids, but one buyer is prequalified for a loan and the other bid is contingent on qualifying for the loan, the homeowner or builder will usually accept the bid from the prequalified buyer over the other bid. This does not mean that being prequalified means a seller will accept any bid because you are a prequalified buyer. It just means that the seller knows you can get the loan if your bid is accepted.

How to Maximize Your Profit in the Financial Industry

The promise of a first home – that collection of rooms and acres, the elegantly arched thresholds – isn’t merely for families. Instead it reaches across the economy, tempting those who wish to defy expectations: gaining profits without tossing dollar after dollar to the market. Financial security is craved by all, especially corporations.

Real estate therefore becomes an easy solution to the worries of weak revenue:

Steady Income

Corporations demand stability. Too often, however, this proves to be difficult to achieve with profits wavering and the economy offering fickle hours. Choosing to invest in real estate therefore can provide the needed aid. The income generated from properties (specifically those converted into rentals) is guaranteed. This allows them to alleviate company costs and helps revenue to grow.

Lower Costs

Finance is a complicated ideal – demanding time, patience and an innate understanding of statistics. The process can be tedious and slow. Real estate, however, offers an alternative. Purchasing a home can be swift due to lowered costs (reflecting a capricious economy). Prices are lessened and properties can therefore be considered. And this offers a worthy complement to traditional Forex trading.

Appreciation Value

Stocks can fade; commodities can fail. Certainty is rare within the financial market. Time too often shatters value, rendering it as futile as the ink on a bond. Real estate, though, offers a guarantee. Appreciation potential increases on properties, ensuring that more money is earned over the years. This helps to counter initial expenses with the promise of rewards.

Choosing a first home can provide more than a family thrill. It can instead offer aid to companies and their waning portfolios.

Make the Most of Your Renovoation: Where You’ll Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

A home renovation project is fun, exciting, and a lot of work! But the end project is so worth it! The beautiful new kitchen, fresh flooring, new sinks, and painted walls can all be so appealing. If you are getting ready to do a home improvement project, then you may be interested to know what projects will get you the most for your money. The fact is that some home renovations may actually increase the value of your home, instead of just making it a pretty place to live. Many of us just ignore the security of our homes, which is the most important aspect of every home, we have many options to choose security systems, at very low costs. Take a look at the best places to put your money during remodeling.

  1. The kitchen. The number one place where you’ll get the most resale value is to do improvements in the kitchen. The kitchen is where a majority of families spend a lot of time. There is cooking, socializing, and bonding moments that happen here. Spend the most time and money with kitchen remodels.
  2. The bathroom. The second place to spend the most time and money is the bathroom. Anytime you can make a bathroom larger and more efficient is a good thing. Consider putting in his and her sinks, a tub/shower combo, and a new toilet.
  3. Flooring. Another great investment is in good flooring. New carpets, tile, and wood flooring will increase your home’s value. Think about it. Nobody wants to walk barefoot on dirty, old carpets. Put some money into flooring and you will have made a great investment.
  4. Windows. You will also want to consider new windows. Energy efficient windows will cut down on heating and air conditioning bills. While they may be a little more money upfront, the money they save on utility bills is worth it.

When you start your home remodeling projects, consider the ones mentioned here to get the most return on your money.

Got Curb Appeal?

Farm House & Cabin

Image by fredthechicken via Flickr


“Curb appeal” is something everyone who owns real estate knows of; it simply means how nice the house and yard look from the street. When someone’s selling a house, curb appeal is essential.


One way to get curb appeal is to plant flowers in the yard. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, especially if the work is done by the owner. Choose perennials so they don’t have to be replanted and choose plants that have low maintenance and long blooming time for the amount of sun the yard gets.


People often rally the aid of friends and family to help with yard work or painting, which always helps for curb appeal. It can be surprising how much a fresh coat of paint or a pressure washing helps the look of a home. Choose a color that’s not stark in comparison to those around it.


Don’t Forget the Concrete


The driveway, sidewalks and any cement paths can be pressure washed for a very clean look. Go over them first with water and Dawn or Cascade dishwashing soap and a broom until an oil stain is gone, then pressure wash again.


Is there moss or leaves on the roof and in the gutters? Moss will cause dry rot, gutters stuffed with leaves and needles will clog the works and then water will spill over the sides.  This makes for holes and puddles in the yard near the house; plus, full gutters draw heat away from the house, so it makes good sense to keep them cleaned out.


Spruce the place up as much as possible and it’ll sell faster.



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Investing in Your First Rental Property

Single-family home 2 

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Should you invest in a rental property? The answer depends on your motives.

It’s impossible to give a definitive statement about your prospects, because real estate markets are so specific to location. In terms of the overall economy, 2011 is not considered a good time to buy a house hoping it will appreciate quickly so you can “flip” it for a quick profit. But it’s a better time to buy properties for long-term cash flow, as many markets may have excess inventory and sellers are motivated.

The first step in choosing whether or not to invest is to do your research. Check into the multiple listing services in the towns and neighborhoods you’re interested in. Also visit directory sites such as Canada 411 to see how many thriving real estate-related business are in the area: storage units, moving companies, cleaning services, etc.

Then you’ll need to decide what type of property to buy: single-family dwelling, multi-unit complex or business property?  Single-family homes leased to tenants with the intent to buy is the lowest-risk, least-hassle option.

In a rent-to-own arrangement, your tenant signs a lease agreement, pays a refundable security deposit, and has an option to purchase (with a non-refundable option fee that will be applied to a future down payment). You can offer a rent credit if they pay on time, which can also go toward their down payment. Tenants will typically agree to a higher rent this way.

You’ll also save in advertising costs, as one yard sign reading “Rent to Own” will generate more calls than a dozen newspaper ads.